5 Tips to Keep Your Hens Party Safe (And Fun!)

5 Tips to Keep Your Hens Party Safe (And Fun!)

  A hens party should be a fun and memorable night for the bride-to-be, her bridal party and her close friends. However, it is important to remember some key safety tips for your hens party so that everyone can safely enjoy the evening. The following are 5 tips you should keep in mind so that your hens party is safe–and fun–for everyone.

Tip: Always arrange transportation if you (or anyone) will be drinking

 Most hens parties involve at least a little drinking–and more often than not, you and most of the hens party guests will be getting drunk at some point during the night. If your hens party will involve drinking, make sure that transportation is arranged for you and anyone else who will be consuming alcoholic beverages. Driving while intoxicated is extremely dangerous and illegal. Transportation should be pre-booked whenever possible to avoid any issues during the night.

Tip: Create a “code word” if you will be heading to a club or similar venue

 If you will be heading out to a club, bar or similar male strippers venue, make sure that everyone in the party has a code word which they can use if they need help or want to leave.  The code word should be short and memorable so that no one will forget it. For example, the code word “Rooster” can be used in case people are feeling sick, uncomfortable or otherwise need to leave a situation.  

Tip: Don’t go anywhere you feel uncomfortable

 It is easy to feel pressure during a hens party, especially if everyone has already been drinking. However, make sure that you don’t go anywhere that you (or anyone else in the party) feel uncomfortable with visiting. For example, you may not want to go into a bar that you have never been to before that seems sketchy; or you may want to avoid an area of town you are not familiar with; and so on. 

Tip: Tell someone the details of your hen party

It is unlikely that anything will go wrong during the hens night but it is best to let someone know the details of your hens party just in case. You should tell someone that you trust information such as: who will be at the hens party, where you will be going (make sure to list every location) along with what time you expect to be back. In the unlikely event that something happens, there will be a record of important information available. 

Tip: Make sure everyone checks-in that they got home safely at the end of the night

Finally, make it a rule that everyone has to check-in in a group chat or message when they are home safe for the night. This will help everyone sleep soundly, knowing that every guest at the hens party is now home, safe and likely dreaming about the amazing night they have just experienced. 

Remember to keep the above safety tips in mind when you are planning a hens party! 

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